No No No Toddler Book Club

Spirited child, strong willed, terrible twos, wild child, reason why I drink, or whatever it is you call this phase in toddlerhood, I’ve been experiencing it for a good year now. Don’t get me wrong, two year olds come with the best cuddles and “I love you Mommys,” but dang it if they don’t make life exhausting with their opinions. That’s why when I received our most recent Imagination Library book, I knew it had to be the next pick for Toddler Book Club.

No No No Day

After the first time we read “My No No No Day” by Rebecca Paterson, my husband asked my son “who the book sounded like,” to which he responded “that sounds like Levi.” Yep, it’s pretty spot on.

Toddler Ground

The book, which is told from the main character’s perspective, tells the tale of Bella’s day; a day that just doesn’t feel right. From the wrong food for breakfast to not liking shoes and lying on the sidewalk in protest, both toddlers and parents can relate to the scenes of the bad day. It’s a cute story that can be used as a conversation starter about feelings and communication.

Things we liked about it:

  • A realistic portrayal of a child character (unlike Daniel Tiger)
  • Great illustrations (check out the mom’s face as the tantrums continue)
  • A good message about that it’s okay to have bad days
  • Large print nice for practicing letters

Discussion questions:

  • Why is Bella upset?
  • What do you do when you are mad?
  • What helps you calm down and be happy?
  • When she wakes up the next day, what kind of day does Bella have?

Recommendations for Book Club pairings:

  • Peanut butter, grapes and cookies (food mentioned in the book)
  • Alphabet crackers for spelling out “No” and “Yes”
  • Tantrum prevention snacks like fruit snacks, pouches and cheese sticks

Follow up activities:

  • Draw pictures with happy faces, sad faces, mad faces and other emotions
  • Talk about things that make your child happy – singing songs, a favorite toy or blanket. etc.
  • Make a fort out of boxes, blankets and pillows as a retreat for when your kiddo needs to “take a little break” as we say in my house

We all have our “No No No days” that don’t end like an episode of “Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood.” Fortunately with a little downtime and some extra sleep, we can rest and start new in the morning.

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