How to Have the Best Possible Beach Vacation With Kids

beach vacation with kids

It is my favorite season of the year: beach season! Our family takes at least one BIG beach trip (and often a small one, too) every year. The beach has always been my happy place, and I’ve got to be honest… going with kids can make it slightly less peaceful, relaxing and even enjoyable. However, if you are prepared, organized and even a little flexible (okay A LOT flexible), your beach vacation with kids is sure to be a hit!

If you want the most of your beach vacation, then you must follow these tried and true tips and tricks for the best possible beach vacation with kids!

MUST pack (suitcase)

For yourself, be sure to pack comfortable, monochromatic, layer-able clothes. These are great for beach cover-ups, early-morning walks, evening stroller strolls, low-key meals out and lounging. Pack shoes and a couple accessories that will go with EVERYTHING. The less you pack, the easier. For the kids, don’t forget their favorite lovey or blanket, a couple of entertaining toys, clothes that can get filthy and water shoes that won’t slip off.

MUST be safe

We all know the dangers of too much time in the sun, but we don’t want to spend our beach vacation indoors, so use all the right protection. Wear hats, sunglasses, sunscreen and long sleeve swim tops. Don’t they make the cutest swim tops for kids now?! You won’t regret bringing a tent or large umbrella either. These are life-savers and provide enough shade for naps on the beach. Don’t forget about water-safety either. Our favorite item is the puddle-jumper. Our little girl loves hers so much that she often wears it around the house as part of her regular-day outfit.

MUST pack (for beach)

Bring a cooler. Trust me. This will keep snacks and drinks cool and keep you from trekking back and forth from the beach. Bring sand toys… think buckets, shovels and bath toys. Forget the homemade snacks. Go easy and stress-free! Pre-packaged and individually wrapped snacks are so fast and simple. Plus, there are tons of healthy options these days. An outdoor blanket works great for the beach too. Lie your beach towels on top, picnic on it or let the kids sit and play. When the day is done, shake it out, roll it up and call it a day!


You must force your family to take a group photo on the sand. Just ask a stranger to do it! You must allow and accept that the kids are going to get real messy. Live it up. Watch the sunrise… you’ll probably be up anyways, might as well enjoy it!

MUST hacks

Store all of your beach toys in a mesh laundry bag. Then, simply shake out sand at the end of each day and hang to dry. Freeze your water bottles before taking them to the beach. They will keep help keep items in the cooler cold and be more refreshing and colder longer throughout the day. Take a baby pool for the toddlers that aren’t quite ready for the waves. Use baby powder to remove sand from bottoms, legs and feet. Works like a charm! Pack a few extra zip-locs to store keys and phones.

My final tip…BRING THE GRANDPARENTS! This is a guaranteed way to get a break, some help and maybe even a date night!

What are you bringing to the beach this year?


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