Breakout Games

If you’re ever stuck on a deserted island and are needing help to get off, I’m probably not the girl you should recruit for the job!

A group of friends headed over to BreakOut Games in Franklin for Couples Night Out! We played the Island Escape Game and had exactly an hour to try to escape the tropical island before a volcano would erupt!

The room was full of clues, locked boxes and interactive riddles that we used to unlock our breakout. With only a limited amount of time to work with, we had to work fast! There was no time for my “Mom Brain” to set in!

Each hint was usually tied to another one that ultimately led to our escape! I’m pretty sure our group didn’t set any records for the fastest time but we did successfully breakout with 56 seconds to go!

If you’re looking for a unique experience that builds teamwork and interaction, try Breakout! We had such a great time and were impressed with the organization of the game! The staff were also very helpful and gave us a few clues along the way! They have a variety of situations to break out of! A gift certificate would also make a fun gift to give!


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