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Beating the Back to School Blues

Beating the Back to School Blues

Another summer has passed us by, the carefree days of no strict schedules, swimming, exploring and taking it easy have transitioned back to packed lunches and homework filled afternoons. Of course during the summer on my one millionth trip to the pantry to refill their snack cups, I would dream of the school doors opening. However, now that it is here, we’ve all got the blues! Thanks to my friends at Babble Boxx, we have found some ways to beat the back to school blues

1. Be Smart

If you’re like me, your mind is constantly thinking of your “to do” list while trying to juggle several other tasks. I’ll begin one task to be distracted by something else that needs to be accomplished. These distractions have caused me to leave the oven on or forget that I left my iron is plugged in. Luckily, there’s smart technology out there to help me out! The Wemo Mini Smart Plug is like your own a personal assistant! Download the free app, connect to Wifi and have the ability to control your appliances, schedule automatic lighting (perfect for when you’re out of town), and breathe a little easier when you’re on the way to drop the kids at school and remember your curling iron is still turned on! The Wemo is also compatible with Amazon Echo or Google Home devices. If only this sweet gadget could fold the laundry and unload the dishwasher! Use code: WEMOnashvillemom for 20% off your new best friend until September 30th, 2017.

2. Be Healthy

As a former teacher, I know all too well all the germs present in the classroom. It seems within the first few weeks, cases of sickness pop up! All those little hands that touch everything and share with their friends! My children don’t always remember to wash their hands but they love hand sanitizer. They feel so important having their own antibacterial hand sanitizer and I’m happy because they’re killing germs! I armed their backpacks with Zoono GermFree 24 hour Hand Sanitizer. The foam hand sanitizer gets Owen’s seal of approval because he says it is fun to play with and when he’s in a hurry, the spray hand sanitizer does the trick! Mom is pleased because not only are these products environmentally friendly, they are still working through the sweaty moments of recess.

3. Be Snack Savvy

Packing lunches can be a big obstacle for our family! I want to pack foods they will actually eat and of course, the healthier the better. The kids only want snack type foods. I’ve found a lunchbox solution that works for everyone, Pure Growth Organics! These organic snacks are the perfect addition to their lunch boxes and after school snacks! The Organic Chocolate Animal Crackers are so good that I may or may not sneak handfuls of them! Also, who doesn’t love a cookie shaped like Mickey Mouse? The Organic White Cheddar Popcorn is their favorite after school snack and the Organic Crispy Rice Squares sweeten up homework time. Save 20% with code 2020BABBLE

4. Be Prepared

I’ve always loved cute school supplies! As a student and now as a mom, I find a little too much joy browsing the aisles of sharpened pencils, new planners and art supplies! I just cannot help it! School supplies should be fun and a way for children to express themselves. Some of our favorite supplies are the OOLY Mighty Pouch filled with Jumbo Brights Neon Colored Pencils, a 2-in-1- Flip Side Notebook, Yummy Yummy Scented Gel Pens and an extra large OOLY eraser! We pulled them out for our first homework session, it truly was magical! The kids completed their homework without complaining or arguing!  Save $15 off orders of $35 or more plus FREE Shipping in US and FREE OOLY eraser with code: READY

5. Be Stylish

While my hair may constantly be a mess, I would like for my children to have clean, brushed hair for school. We’ve added some new products to our bath time routine that has made even my son pay more attention to his hair! Snip-Its is a beloved kids’ hair salon but now they offer haircare designed with kids in mind. These products are naturally based, allergen-free, and gentle on kids’ skin. The Snip-its Tangy Apple 3-in-1 Conditioning Shampoo makes haircare a breeze, even on my daughter’s unruly curls. She also likes spritzing the Morning Miracle Mousse Styling Spray to keep her curls soft and bouncy. I was surprised when my son wanted to style his hair with the Silly Slicker Ultimate Sculpting Gel. While I was glad he was giving some thought to his hygiene, he seemed to grow up right before my eyes. You can find these professional kids hair products at your local Snip-its salon.

6. Be Creative

Kids are full of imagination! When the school day is over, homework has been completed and it’s time to play, we pull out our art stash and create! Duck Tape is an inexpensive supply that provides hours of inspiration. Duck Tape can be  used for making murals, decorating lockers, creating projects, and making forts! The Duck Tape website is a full of resources and ideas for the little makers in your family!

Happy Back to School to all of our Nashville Kids! Hope this is the best year yet! 

**This post is sponsored by on behalf of Single Edition Media. However, all opinions are my own.

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