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Sarah’s 5 – Easy Ways to Go Greener at Home

Earth day is this weekend – April 22 – and I’m always looking for new ways to go greener at home. There are tons of small (and big) things we can do in our homes to play a part in reducing landfill waste, preserving the natural landscape, and cleaning the air. Plus, we double our efforts when we get our kids involved, helping them understand the purpose behind going green and making it a natural part of their lives too. Here are 5 of my favorite small, easy, kid-friendly, green choices we can make in our homes.

1. Use reusable bags

You can find reusable bags sold at grocery stores, online or you could even make your own. We also like to use all of the tote bags we’ve acquired from events and activities. Keep them in your car or purse. My kids often remind my husband and I to grab our reusable shopping bags on our way out the door! If you have a lot of accumulated plastic bags, local Nashville Publix, Kroger & Target stores all have recycle bins for this purpose.


2. Use cloth napkins

This is fun for kids and makes our meals a little nicer too. My girls love to pick out our napkins as we set the table for family meals. Also, use cloth to clean your kitchen – you could even make kitchen rags out of old towels or shirts.


3. Switch out your lightbulbs to LED

You can switch them all or just a few and gradually make the shift. Also, make it a habit to turn off lights when you leave a room and teach your kids to do the same.


4. Donate to & shop at thrift stores

You’ll be recycling perfectly usable items, supporting your local economy, and saving money. Donating items is a great project to do with kids as they outgrow clothes and toys. This can spark a good money saving conversation with your kids as well – they can compare prices and use an allowance or a set budget when shopping at a thrift store.


5. Plant an herb garden

This is super easy and fun to do with your kids. Plus, It’s good for them to see where and how our food originates! Also, take advantage of all of our amazing local Farmer’s Markets and allow your kids to talk to the farmers and the vendors about how they grow their food.


I’d love to hear the simple ways you go green in your home with kids – please share in the comments!
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