Easy DIY Watercolor Paint

I don’t know any toddler that doesn’t love to paint! My two sure love it. I love watching all the creativity that comes out when we are crafting and painting is definitely a time for kids to get their creative ideas flowing. The only problem with store bought watercolors are that they don’t last long! At our house, 2 uses of those little plastic tray watercolors and the paint is gone, I have something I think you will love and your kiddos will love helping you make it, plus it only takes a few ingredients and the actual paint lasts for weeks.

DIY Watercolor Paint

Easy DIY Watercolor Paint

Here’s what you need:

  • Baking Soda
  • Food Colors
  • Water
  • Ice Cube Tray


Gather your supplies and spread everything out on the table. Start by filling each cube half way up with baking soda. Do as many cubes as you’d like. I did 10. Next, add a drop or two of food coloring to each cube. Add a small amount of water one cube at a time and stir your mixture together. The baking soda will start to dissolve. Keep adding baking soda while stirring until you get the consistency of wet sand.


Once all your cubes are mixed together, take a paper towel and soak up any excess water that’s on top of your colors. Pop in the freezer for quick drying! It takes about an hour for them to dry in the freezer.

Easy DIY Watercolor Paint

Once they’re dry, your kiddos are ready to paint! They’re just like store bought water colors. When you are finished just pop back in the freezer. Like I mentioned earlier, these colors will last for weeks! When you get a few free minutes, give this activity a try. I think you and your kids will really love it.

*For a little extra special paint, put a drop of essential oil on some of the colors! The oil makes the paints smell yummy!

Easy DIY Watercolor Paint


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