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Juice is all the rage if you haven’t noticed. Have you noticed? It’s perfectly fine with me that juice shops are popping up at a rapid speed around town. I love juice! I’ve tried a few places that have been pretty good. I hadn’t found a place that I just loved so, I would end up trying new ones every other week or so. Well, I have found my go-to juice shop and y’all, you must swing by and try the juice at Fix Juice Company.

Fix Juice

Fix Juice Co. is located in Belle Meade on Highway 100 in the Westgate Shopping Center. They just opened a few months ago and the owner is a native Nashvillian. Fix Juice Co. is very passionate about organic growing practices and they are the only juice shop in Nashville that offers cold pressed juices and whole food smoothies that are 100% organic. They also buy locally when they can and are big supporters of other local businesses!

Fix Juice

The names of the juices are so clever. They are mostly spots around town. Fun, huh?! So here’s what sets Fix Juice Company apart from those other juice shops around town; all the juices are cold pressed. Cold pressing juice preserves much more of the vital nutrients and enzymes that are so good for your body. Other companies use the centrifugal juicing method which uses spinning blades to chop up your fruits and veggies. The heat from the spinning blades plus the oxidation that comes with this method causes those juices to have a lower nutrient content and a shorter shelf life.

Fix Juice

(Fix Juice Company’s cold pressed juicer)

The front of their shop is all glass including the juicing room. Swing by and watch how they make the juice that’s on the shelf before grabbing a bottle for yourself! The staff is very friendly and are all very knowledgeable. They’ll even tell you the exact process of how they made your juice. Just ask! Aside from cold pressed juice, Fix Juice Co. also offers whole food smoothies, cashew milk, and nutritious snacks (many of which come from other locals)!

Fix Juice


Fix Juice

The next time you are in the mood for a really really good juice, head to Fix Juice Co. in Belle Meade! Oh, and they have a fantastic patio!

*To check out their line up of juices and whole food smoothies head to the WEBSITE!


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