Frist Center

When you think of the Frist Center your first thought may not be “kid-friendly”, but it totally is! And, it’s a great activity to burn off some energy when it’s too cold to be outside.

The Frist Center in Nashville

You may want to take your kids to walk through the different exhibitions and galleries, or you can just head straight upstairs to the Martin ArtQuest gallery which is an area designed just for kids. There are hands on activities that are very art-ucational (educational, but for art. I made that up.). There are a really good variety of activities for all different ages. Honestly, I was having more fun than I was probably suppose to.

The Frist Center in Nashville. Martin Artquest

I don’t want to spoil the fun and tell you everything they had going on, but it’s totally worth it.

The Frist Center in Nashville

Some other tips for the Frist Center:

  • There is a cafe there and they have options for kids. So, you could grab some lunch or enjoy a snack while you’re there. There’s no snacks allowed in the gallery. When it is a little warmer, I would love to sit out in the courtyard to have a picnic. The view is gorgeous.
  • You can definitely push your stroller around. There is an elevator that goes to each floor.
  • There’s changing tables in the bathrooms for your little ones.
  • No cameras! I took some iPhone pictures in the Martin’s Artquest and no one yelled at me, but I’m a rule breaker like that. :)
  • Oh, did we mention that kids under 18 are FREE!

The Frist Center in Nashville

The Frist Center has their own list of tips for visitors with children. Make sure to read through them.

If you have older kids, or even toddlers with some sort of attention span, you could really make this an educational trip. Kids could identify colors or shapes. Or bring a notebook to try and draw the art in.

Frist Center in Nashville

We really enjoyed our time at the Frist Center and we will definitely be going back soon.

Have you been to the Frist Center? What was your favorite activity? I think I could have done the printmaking for hours if they had let me. :) 

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