Fun at the Franklin Farmers Market

franklin farmers market

After living in Franklin for two years, I have FINALLY made my way to the Franklin Farmer’s Market on a Saturday morning. I have heard so many great things about this market and now I am happy to say they are all true! This local farmer’s market is a haven of fresh produce, locally made products, yummy food trucks and gorgeous plants. My little lady, Luna, and I spent the entire morning exploring, taste testing and shopping and now I’m here to give you all the deets!

toddler at the farmer's market

The market is very popular and gets busy bright and early. I highly recommend visiting when they open, at 8am. Besides getting first dibs on the freshest goods, you’ll also have more space to push a stroller, swing your bags and let the kids roam freely nearby. Packing snacks isn’t even necessary because in addition to free samples, there are soooo many yummy snacks and breakfast items to purchase. From Chubby Bunny to donuts to sausage egg and cheese biscuits, there’s something for everyone. Don’t worry moms, there’s a coffee booth too!

chubby bunny baby food in Nashville

I also recommend making a list. The market can be a bit overwhelming. If you’re like me and not only love shopping, but love fresh food straight from the garden, you may have trouble holding on to your money. How could you not want fresh and local plants, dairy products, meat and baked goods? Make a plan ahead of time, purchase what you need for the week, but bring a little extra for a treat or two also! May I suggest the homemade pasta from Nicoletto’s or the fresh corn tortillas from Santos Tortillas?

fresh flowers at the farmers market

Along with amazing food, there are the most gorgeous bouquets of fresh flowers, plants, jewelry, unique crafts and, my personal favorite, handmade candles. I picked up the bonfire scent from Light Shine Candles and cannot get enough of its fresh earthy scent. Even my Husband came home and remarked how the house “smells like fall”.

light shine candles locally made

One of the best perks of visiting the Farmers Market is introducing all the unique fruits and veggies to Luna. I love showing them to her, telling her their names and letting her feel the different textures and see the bright colors. It’s nice to then take them home and show her that we use them to cook, eat and be healthy. Such a cool learning experience!

If you plan to check out the Franklin Farmers Market, just head to 230 Franklin Road, Franklin TN 37064,  just behind the Factory on Saturdays from 8am to 1pm!

P.S. There are cronuts from Five Daughters Bakery inside the Factory at Honest Coffee Roasters It’s a delicious way to top off your morning!

Five Daughter's Baker Cronuts

Make sure to check out our post on tips for shopping at the farmers market before you go!

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