Grow Together: Back to Roots

Before moving to Nashville, we lived on a few acres and had a large garden full of watermelons, tomatoes and cantaloupe. My husband and son spent hours digging in the dirt, planting seeds and checking on the crops daily. Now, our yard is the size of a postage stamp and we have struggled wanting to plant our own garden again. There’s nothing sweeter than enjoying food that you’ve grown yourself! Luckily, we found Back to the Roots, an organic food and gardening company whose mission is to reconnect families to their food.

After researching the options available on Back to the Roots’ website, I thought the Mason Jar Gift Set would be the perfect place for us to start our indoor garden. The set came with organic basil, mint, cilantro and a self-watering planter for cherry tomatoes in mason jars! The set also came with a beautiful set of hand lettered decorative artwork, who knew gardening could be so cute? A Homegrown Recipe book is also included to inspire some meal ideas!

We spent one afternoon talking about what plants need, planting seeds and preparing our garden. My kids have loved being able to water the plants and checking for growth. We are so excited to be able to harvest our organic herbs and cherry tomatoes that we are growing in our window sill.


These gardening sets would make any gardening guru happy this Christmas or would be a great gift for someone who has wanted to give their green thumb a try! Back to Roots has a variety of products and sets available, the mushroom farm looks like a lot of fun. They also offer organic cereals, you can even request a free sample of cereal on their website! Use code NASHVILLE10 to save 10% off indoor gardening kit! Offer expires 12/31/17 and only applies to regularly priced items.


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