Honk if you love January Toddler Book Club!

When I found this book, I knew my son would love it. I’d like to say I thought he’d be impressed with the plot, but he probably wouldn’t care about what I was reading to him if the book had buttons like this one. Now that we’re recovering from the holidays, I thought you may appreciate a read that’s not only fun, but also keeps your kiddo occupied. Whether you’re still taking down Christmas decorations, catching up on laundry or getting caught up with work from a long holiday break, our January Toddler Book Club pick will buy you a little time with 10 sound buttons. Take a backseat and let your tot do the driving this month, because we are reading “Honk on the Road!” a Discovery Kids book.

Honk on the RoadDoes your toddler love trains? Of course he or she does! Do they love to push buttons repeatedly (yours and every electronic and appliance)? Obviously. “Honk on the Road!” brings 10 of your child’s favorite vehicles to life with colorful photos and accompanying sounds. Beep, beep!

Honk Book for Christmas

Forgive the bed head picture, Levi got this book for Christmas.

Things we liked about it:

  • So many sounds! From fire engines to dump trucks and trains to tractors.
  • Bright illustrations
  • Matching tabs, pictures and buttons to help kids learn the different vehicles of the road
  • Great for road trips (We recently test drove it on a 12 hour trip)
  • Durable pages

Discussion questions:

  • What noise does a train make?
  • What color is the fire engine?
  • What is your favorite truck?

Recommendations for Book Club pairings:

  • Pretzels served out of a toy dump truck
  • Fire truck cookies
  • Mini donuts (they look like tires)
  • Yogurt (because toddlers love yogurt as much as they love buttons)

Follow up activities:

  • Go outside! Talk about the sounds the cars make and look for helicopters
  • Play with toy trucks and trains
  • Visit the train at Centennial Park
  • Visit the Adventure Science Center and experience the different vehicle exhibits

Adventure Science Center Train

Nashville moms, what should we read next month? Leave a comment with your kiddo’s favorite book.

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