Live Screen Printing with Hip Hues

Nashville is home to so many amazing and unique businesses and Hip Hues is definitely in that category. When I first heard about them, I was immediately obsessed. But, I realize that not everyone knows what Hip Hues- or screen printing- is. 

Let’s start at the beginning

Hip Hues was founded by sisters, Sondra and Tracy, from Columbus, Ohio in 2012. Entrepreneurship runs in their family as their parents also own their own business back home as well. Tracy had a job in finance and Sondra had a job in marketing, but they knew that wasn’t where they were going to stay forever. After quitting her job and moving back to Columbus, Tracy taught herself to screen print. She started making art prints and selling them in local shops around town. When she gave Sondra a print for her birthday, the idea for Hip Hues was born.

Sondra & Tracy Hip Hues Studio

Hip Hues started as a DIY workshop concept, focussing on hosting small groups to screen print products of their choosing. Eventually, they saw that events were a natural way to grow. Once they started doing more events, growth was exponential! You have probably have seen them at various festivals around town.

But what’s the point?

There are three tiers to Hip Hues product: Branding, Favor, and Experience. This is very hands-on marketing. You’re getting people engaged onsite at events and having fun. It isn’t stressful and you don’t have to actually be “creative” to walk away with a piece of art! It’s an activity people will love and a favor that they will actually want to use. Meaning, you’re business/party/event is getting extra marketing.

Boy & His Shirt 2_

Onesies - Organic TN

So, screen printing. What is that?

It’s a hard process to explain in words. Basically, you know your favorite printed t-shirt? How do you think the design got on there? It’s screen printed! So, with Hip Hues, you get to literally take a blank product and print the design on there. They have dryers onsite, so it’s ready to go in 30 seconds. If you really want to see how it works, you should come to our Birthday Bash and try it out- for free!

SET UP Lifeway Conference_ Music City Center

OUTDOOR Printing @ Record Store Day

Is this just for big events or corporations?

NO! Hip Hues is the ultimate party favor for any  event! Hip Hues can come and set up anywhere- much like a photobooth. They can host parties in your own venue (home or otherwise) or you can head over to their studio and have a private event there.


Studio events can host between 30-35 people (you can definitely do less). They can have kids or adults. You can bring your own food and drinks. They’ll teach everyone about the entire screen printing process and guests will walk about with custom party favors they printed themselves.

WEDDING Bride Printing

If you wanted to host them for a part in your own home, all you have to do is pick a design and tell them when to show up. They’ll set up indoors or outdoors.

Just to give you an idea of how it works- they usually have the host pick out a design ahead of time for each person to make. They have a bunch of design templates that you can customize or just use as is.You can print on any of their products: backpacks, pennants, shirts, bags, and more! For Showers/Birthday Parties, they offer a special commemorative add-on activity where everyone present helps create a custom frame-able design on a blank screen. Then the birthday boy/girl or bride/mom-to-be screen prints it, everyone signs it, and it’s a great framed takeaway for the guest of honor!

KIDS Birthday party tees

Party and event ideas:

  • baby shower
  • bachelorette
  • wedding
  • kids parties
  • wedding showers
  • adult birthday parties
  • mom’s night out
  • date night
  • festivals
  • fundraisers
  • team building events
  • corporate off-site events
  • holiday parties
  • daily reunions
  • any occasion you can come up with!

To hear more about Hip Hues from the owners themselves and see them in action: check out this video!

OUTDOOR Printing Child_

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