Love Stories – A Compilation of Nashville Mom Engagement Stories

I love hearing how couples got engaged! Every story is so unique to the couple – sometimes dramatic or sweet, sometimes hilarious or simply enchanting. With Valentine’s Day less than a week away, I’m sharing some of The Nashville Mom contributors’ engagement stories. I hope these make you laugh, smile and maybe even reminisce about your own engagement story – which we’d love to hear about! (Scroll all the way to the end for a chance to win a custom couple’s portrait from Wink Wink Paper Co.)


A Real Life Fairy Tale

Peter, my Husband and I met while working at Disney World in the College Program. It was a real fairy tale and truly life-changing experience. Over the following 6 years we dated long distance, moved to Tennessee together and then to Albania where I had accepted an International teaching job. We lived abroad for a year and couldn’t wait to fly home and see our family the next summer. We spent a few weeks traveling through Scandinavia and had a hard time getting flights back to my “home,” Texas. Peter, oddly, booked a flight with a particularly long layover in Orlando. Well, thanks to a bit of bad traveler’s luck, we ended up flying from Copenhagen, to Iceland, to Chicago (where we had to sleep overnight in the airport) and then to Orlando where we had a few hours to kill. My sister-in-law lived in Orlando and worked at Disney at the time. She insisted on picking us up and taking us to lunch at Hollywood Studios during our layover. We happened to have a reservation at Disney’s Sci-Fi Drive-In Diner, the very place Peter and I had our first date. My sister-in-law had a special ring that Peter made while we were living abroad and she sneakily slipped it to him as she left for the “bathroom.” He proposed over burgers and fries, and even though I was more jet-lagged and culture-shocked than I’d ever been, I remember it like it was yesterday. It couldn’t have been more perfect. We then hopped on another plane, flew to Texas and announced our big news to my family! Talk about a wild 24 hours! –Hilarie Z

Picture Perfect

On the morning of the day we got engaged, my future husband Ron told me to pack a bag and clear my calendar for the day. I kind of guessed something was up, but I tried not to get my hopes up and just be excited for a fun day with him. He ended up taking me on a day out in Nashville where we made stops to some of our favorite places including the Franklin Farmer’s Market. In the afternoon, we went to a paint-your-own pottery place in Hillsboro Village. I chose a utensil holder to paint and he picked a picture frame. He spent a lot of time working on his frame, but finally asked if I wanted to see it. He had me close my eyes, and when I opened them, I read the frame and saw him down on one knee with a ring. The frame said “I love you. Will you marry me?” Spoiler alert, I said yes. We celebrated with a trip to the Frist Center and dinner at Union Station, both places we haven’t been back to since that day almost seven years ago. It was a special day and I love how much thought and planning he put into it. I also love that we still have that picture frame and have managed to protect it from being destroyed by our crazy toddler! –Erin T

A True Reflection of Marriage

We had talked about marriage before and had been dating for 3 years, but we were only 19. I knew at that time in my life, I was super impulsive but didn’t want to keep thinking of us as dating. So, instead of waiting on him, I decided to propose. I knew it would lift the normal pressures of buying a grand ring and getting a “perfect” proposal off of his shoulders. He definitely wasn’t a “planner” and we didn’t have a ton of money for a fancy ring. So I made him dinner at home and asked him to marry me with a pair of engagement rings I grabbed from Kmart. Little did I know he would come down with a bad cold and I would spend the rest of the night watching over him in the ER. Looking back, I think it’s kind of funny and I would do it all over again, the same way. There was nothing grand or sparkly about our engagement, but then again it ended up being a perfect representation of what life and marriage is really about. Making the best out of what you have and taking care of one another. 7 years later and I can honestly say it has been one of the best decisions I’ve made. –Lindsay D

I Love You A Latte

Brent and I dated for just 8 months before we got engaged. It was my 19th birthday (yikes!) and at that time we were both in college in a small town in West Tennessee. So, for my big birthday outing we went to TGIFridays with a bunch of friends, lol. After, we decided to swing by Starbucks with a couple people to grab a coffee and hang out. Things seemed weird. Brent told me to go sit and he would get my drink for me. He and his buddy were up at the counter being awkward when next thing I knew, Brent was on one knee with the ring balanced on the top of my coffee.

The best part is hearing about all the drama that happened in preparation. Apparently, Brent’s friend had the ring in his pocket all night. Brent told him to put the ring ON the coffee and he put the ring IN the coffee. When Brent realized (knowing it could take me an hour to finish a large drink) they had to ask the barista to fish it out and make another drink. Also, we are both so incredibly addicted to Starbucks to this day. Pretty much everything we do in life revolves around who is picking up our coffees each morning. :)  -Lindsey M

Love in the City of Light

Brad and I had been dating for about 4 years – through several moves and adventures together. We had been saving money and decided to quit our jobs and move from San Francisco, CA to somewhere in the Southeast (we didn’t know where we were moving yet!). We drove across the country, dropped off all of our belongings at my parent’s house and flew to Paris, France to travel Europe together for a couple months while we figured out what we were going to do next. On our third night in Paris, after a day touring the Louvre Museum, we bundled up and packed some bread, cheese, chocolate and wine from a local market for dinner and made our way back to the gorgeous Louvre gardens. We sat down to enjoy our little french feast and Brad announced that he brought me a present from the museum and he pulled a tiny wrapped package from his wallet. Inside was an engagement ring he had brought all the way from San Francisco! And so we toasted all night and enjoyed the rest of our European travels as a newly engaged couple. We have been back to Paris several times and even brought our 3 girls a couple years ago – and we always go back to visit our sweet engagement spot outside the Louvre. -Sarah W

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2 Responses to Love Stories – A Compilation of Nashville Mom Engagement Stories

  1. My husband is my adventure buddy- always up for fun! Not only is he up for adventure but he does it while giving encouragement all along the way!
    He has a true gift of words of affirmation always making me feel so special! I truly didn’t know the amazing dad that he would be- he loves his children
    more than words can say and is involved with them in every way. 10 years ago, I knew I loved him but I sure didn’t know the incredible man I was marrying.
    I am thankful for him on a daily basis amid the unnecessary laundry he creates, when he steals the covers or chews ice (ugh!). He is my best friend and I’m
    happy to do life side by side with him!
    Dawn recently posted…Balsom Custom Address Stamp by MollieandLouMy Profile

  2. My love is supportive of me in ways that somehow continue to surprise me. We’re partners, and I love that we’re the best of friends.

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