A Nashville Date Night For Every Style!

How long has it been since you and your significant other had a date… a real date night? The struggle is real when it comes to making time for a special romantic night alone. You’ve got to find a sitter, make a reservation, put on real clothes, take a shower and muster the energy to stay out past 8pm. It’s not an easy feat. Then, the most difficult component is choosing a location for said date. THAT’S where I come in!

Nashville date night

I’ve compiled a lovely Nashville Date Night For Every Style. So no matter your personality, interests, the type of weather or your budget, I’ve got an idea for you. Have no fear my fellow indecisive couples. No more What do you want to do? I don’t care, whatever you want, conversations in your future! That’s right, pick a theme, skim the list, put on your uncomfortable shoes and paint this town red!

Nashville Date Night Ideas

For the fancy pants- Sinema

Housed in the historic Melrose Theater, this dining experience will take you back in time to a fancier, carefree life. Think 1940’s and pre-children. Expect really amazing dishes, unique cocktails and I highly recommend the dessert platter.

For the more casual pants- Hattie B’s Hot Chicken

It’s a Tennessee tradition, it’s greasy, spicy, laid back, bad for your arteries, but good for your soul (and your bank account too). Throw a t-shirt and jeans on, keep the messy bun and just enjoy a fun night out, eating with your fingers!

For the “our sitter canceled last minute” pair- Burger Up

It happens. Either you can’t get a sitter or someone cancels last minute. No sitter? No problem! Throw the kids (not literally) in the minivan and eat some really delicious burgers and fries together. They’ve got the basics for your picky eaters and jazzed up burgers for the adults. Not to mention truffle fries, happy hour and local brews on tap.

For the outdoorsy- Cheekwood

Cheekwood is always gorgeous and romantic, but there is something very special about taking a stroll, hand-in-hand around the botanical gardens at night. Enjoy the beautiful blooms, Japanese gardens, sculpture trail, art museum and so much more. Don’t forget to make a reservation a the Pineapple Room Restaurant for dinner and a drink!

For the active- Soar Adventure Tower

Are you the kind of couple who wants to audition for The Amazing Race or maybe American Ninja Warrior? If you answered yes, or just enjoy a fun challenge then you have GOT TO TRY the Soar Adventure Tower in Cool Springs. It is a four-story course of incredible (slightly insane) obstacles. You will be exhausted, sweaty and super proud of yourself at the end. It’s one of the coolest activities in this town, trust me!

For great entertainment- TPAC (Tennessee Performing Arts Center)

We are so lucky to have this amazing theater in Nashville. If you haven’t checked out one of the many shows that comes to Nashville through TPAC, put it on your wishlist. I highly recommend one of their Broadway shows. They are always phenomenal. There’s nothing better then dressing up and going to theater with that special someone.

For the romantic- Firefly Grille

Firefly is a tiny, kitschy, romantic, little restaurant in Green Hills. It is cozy and cute, you can’t help but feel all lovey dovey. It doesn’t hurt that they have fantastic food and great service. It’s a little funky and more casual than you would expect, but that’s part of the romantic fun.

For the foodies- Husk

If you are most concerned about getting the best food on your date, then Husk will not disappoint. Everything you see on your plate must come from the south and I guarantee it will be mouth watering. You may recognize Chef Brock from “Next Great Chef” episode of the “Food Network Challenge,” or “Iron Chef America”.  You know his dishes will not disappoint!

For the drinkers? (you know what I mean)- Arrington Vineyards

Nashville’s own country vineyard (partially owned by Kix Brooks) is an award winning winery set among the gorgeous hills of Middle Tennessee. They have events year round, and you can never go wrong with a picnic, a bottle of wine and a trip to the tasting room!

For a true Nashville experience- Blue Bird Café

There is truly nothing more “Nashville” than the Blue Bird Cafe. It is an unforgettable experience and always a night to remember. I suggest attending a night “in the round” to see and hear some of Nashville’s most talented song writers. You can binge on some simple southern dishes while you sit back and take in the incredible talent from our very own city. Plus, you never know what country star may show up for a special performance.

For a great atmosphere- Pinewood Social

This incredibly unique location has it all… coffee, ice cream, swimming, bowling, great food, great drinks, bocce ball, etc. While it is appropriate for private events, social gatherings and meetings with your co-worker, it is also an incredibly romantic environment for a date night!

For good music- The Nashville Symphony

Dressing up and attending a classical show at the gorgeous Schermerhorn Symphony Center is a magical experience, but did you know they offer so much more than just the classics? Just this month, they will be performing with Alabama, Paul Anka and Styx, and also playing the hits from the Legends of Zelda, Elton John and West Side Story. 

For a laugh- Zanie’s Comedy Club

Tired of the traditional “dinner and a movie” night out? Need a good laugh? Ready to enjoy a unexpectedly fun night out? It’s time to give Zanie’s a try!  They host local comedians, comedians from all over the word and an array of famous ones too. Soon, you can go see Margaret Cho, Steve Harvey, Clayton English and even Steve-O.

For your sweet tooth- Schakolad Chocolate Factory

A unique experience for you chocolate lovers is a hands-on chocolatier class from Schakolad in Cool Springs. Spend a couple of hours tasting various chocolates, learning to dip candies, building chocolate houses and learning the history of how your chocolate was made. It’s a really unique experience with a ridiculous amount of chocolate (did I mention the never-ending chocolate fountain?). Oh, and they also offer Groupons, so you really can’t go wrong!

For coffee lovers (that’s everyone, right?)- Fido’s

There are lots of great coffee shops in music city, but personally, I love Fido’s specialty drinks. Grab a cozy table for two, order some fancy lattes (like “gray skies”- hot or Iced Latte bergamot, coconut milk and shaved Olive & Sinclair chocolate) and enjoy each others company as you caffeinate together. What could be more romantic?

For the frugal- The Pedestrian Bridge and Riverfront Park

This date is completely FREE. Park your car downtown, take a walk across the Pedestrian Bridge and soak up the skyline and beautiful views. After you take a few selfies, head down to Riverfront Park to continue your scenic walk, Maybe even end it with a romantic picnic for two?

For the adventurous- The Escape Game

I love The Escape Game so much, that I’m afraid my short description won’t do it justice. This is truly unlike any date you’ve ever had! Imagine being locked in a room with an hour to escape. Your only instructions are not to break anything, and figure out the four digit code to escape the room…or lose. I’d hate to say more than that because it is the coolest date you might ever experience!

Give our suggestions a try for your next Nashville date night and be sure to let us know how it goes!

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