Nashville Holiday Gift Guides 2016

It’s that time of year! We’re all scrambling for that perfect gift to give to our loved ones. The Nashville Mom’s got a great round up of locally-available gift ideas for everyone on your list! So, make sure you mark down your favorites before you head out to shop this weekend.

Nashville Holiday Gifts

Nashville Holiday Gifts For the Kids

Nashville Holiday Gifts for the kids
1. Cam Cam Blanket from SCOUT ($68)
These blankets are perfect for a ride in the stroller or cuddling up on the couch. Not only are these so precious, we love that they are 100% organic cotton, too!

2. Nashville Toboggan from Magpies ($40)
You can’t really go wrong when you’re shopping in Magpies, but these little hats are at the top of our list every year. They are so cute and well-made. Ours is going on year 3 and still in perfect condition!

3. Toddler Tee from Wildbaby Co ($25-28)
It’s hard to choose just 1 design! These simple and funny designs have us swooning. Bonus that each purchase goes specifically to feeding orphaned babies + kids in Uganda.

4. Pizza Party Dice Game from Brilliant Sky Nashville (check store for pricing)
Calling all game night lovers! This build-a-pizza game is the perfect gift to put under the tree to add to your family game night line-up.

5. Children’s Books from Parnassus Books (prices vary)
You can always pick up some children’s favorites from this perfect little bookstore, or go for a gift card and take the kids with you after Christmas. They’ll love exploring the special children’s area and finding new treasures to take home.

6. Hex Tile Starter Set from Wallecule (starting at $64)
We just discovered this company and love the unique take on personalizing your room. You can order starter sets custom to your child’s likes and then add in extra tiles over time.

7. Cat Pouch from SugarBit ($14)
Anyone else got a purse lover? We can’t get over this adorable cat pouch. Great for little girls to carry their accessories in, or big girls to use in their backpacks at school!

8. Sports Classes at LPG Sports Academy ($175 for 10 weeks)
We love that instead of throwing the kids out there to run rampant, LPG spends time teaching them the techniques. (my kids totally love this place!)

Nashville Holiday Gifts For Him

Nashville Holiday Gifts for him

1. Coffee from Two Roast ($12-20)
This coffee is incredible! It’s so smooth and blended with cacao which makes it sweet enough to not need any sugar. Yum!

2. TN Flag Socks from Southern Socks ($12)
When you get older it’s cool to get socks and underwear again, right? These socks will brighten up any guy’s day.

3. Mine Decanter Set from White’s Mercantile ($88)
Mine. Mine. Mine. He can enjoy his favorite drink and you can enjoy it sitting out in a nice decanter.

4. Record Player or Records from Grimey’s (prices vary)
Got a music lover? Pick him up a record player and some records for the entire family to get down to.

5. Bourbon Lover Gift Box from ACME ($60)
Bourbon. That is all.

6. Cigars from Big Star Cigar Lounge (prices vary)
An upscale cigar lounge that has a giant humor your favorite guy will love. He can enjoy his cigars there or even have them delivered!

7. Wood iPhone Amp from Music City Marketplace ($50)
If you’re going to have an amp out, it may as well be this gorgeous wooden one.

8. Travel World Map from 76th & Newberry ($56+)
Who doesn’t love to travel? This map can be completely customized with your family name and colors of your choosing. Then, mark off all of the amazing places you get to visit.

Nashville Holiday Gifts For Her

Nashville Holiday Gifts for her

1. THE Pantry Kit from The Home Edit ($100)
This kit is excellent if you need a little help getting started with your pantry organizing. Of course, having THE come out and do it all for you would be even better.

2. Love You Always Keepsake Box from Little Bits Nashville (check stores for pricing)
This beautiful gift box includes cards for you to record memories on and gift to your kids when they get older. The gift that keeps on giving!

3. Underground Necklace from Lauren Antoinette Designs ($42)
These handcrafted necklaces are great for dressing up any outfit! We love that no two are alike.

4. Coasters from L.O.C.A.L Coasters (4 for $35)
Everyone needs coasters! You can try out these pretty holiday designs or grab some custom sayings or fun Nashville prints that can be used year-round.

5. Custom Stamp from Mollie & Lou ($24)
Who doesn’t love custom? Whether you get an address stamp or this Christmas stamp, you’ll love the personal touch it adds without the hand cramps.

6. Barre Classes from Pure Barre (packages vary)
The gift of alone time! Mom’s ultimate wish. Get your sweat on and enjoy a few moments without any kids hanging off of you. You can’t take care of others if you don’t take care of yourself!

7. Heidi Swing Dress from Cotton Mill ($36)
We’ll take one in every color, please! This dress is the perfect mom outfit- cute, comfortable, and so versatile.

8. Groceries Delivered from Green Bean Delivery (varies)
Organic produce and natural groceries delivered right to your door. This great time-saver will make everyone in the family happy. (ps- try it out with code: NashMom15 for $15 off your first order)

9. Succulent Wreath Silhouette Print from Miss Thistle Shop ($28)
We already loved her silhouette prints, but these succulent designs really take it up a notch. We’re ordering these for all the grandparents.

10. Boho Twist Fobskey from Cat O’neal Designs ($12)
Always fumbling around with your keys? Here’s the answer! This fobskey is not only functional it’s cute, too!

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