Nashville Kid-friendly Lunch Spots

The questions we get asked most often around here usually have to do with where to eat out with kids in tow. We did a roundup of our favorite brunch spots, but there are other meals in the day, right? Here are some of our favorite picks for Nashville kid-friendly lunch spots. (Some of these would make a great dinner spot as well.)

Nashville Kid-friendly Eats

Taqueria del Sol
We can’t get enough of this spot. It’s located in 12South and it’s cheap, delicious, and they have a patio so the kids can be a bit crazy without bothering too many people. Win-win-win.

The Food Company
We love this option for something a little bit more on the lighter side of things. They have delicious sandwiches and a great kids menu. You can also pick up items in their cooler to heat up for dinner.

Chicken for the entire family! Plus, you can get free ice cream when you’re done. We usually hit up the Hillsboro Village location which has an awesome patio.

Five Points Pizza
As if their pizza wasn’t enough to make you love this place, they’ll even cut up your kiddo’s slice if you eat in the shop. Yay for 1 less thing mom has to do before she gets to eat!

Burger Up
We hear this place repeatedly when we ask where people like to go out with their kids. Their Kid’s Menu is inside of a book so they can read while they wait for lunch. Plus, the staff is extremely accommodating if you beg them for extra apples to preempt a sibling rivalry.

Some of our other favorites:

  • Edley’s BBQ
  • DeSano’s Pizza
  • Flipside
  • Tap Room
  • Grilled Cheeserie
  • Martin’s BBQ
  • Zoe’s Kitchen
  • Rosepepper
  • Puffy Muffin
  • Sam & Zoe’s
  • Baja Burrito
  • The Dog

Did we miss one of your family’s favorite spots? Tell us in the comments so we can add to our list! 


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