New Year, New Theme

Wow! It’s already another year. Time really flies when you’re having fun… or raising crazy kids. But those may be the same thing… ;)

Personally, 2017 has great potential for me. I have a lot of new and exciting things coming up. Plus, I have a lot of areas to improve from 2016 that I’m excited to work on.

The new and exciting things I can’t quite tell you about yet, but you’ll find out soon. As for the areas I want to improve, they are many. In 2017 I have some specific goals (like hosting people in my home at least once a month) and some generic improvements (like managing my time better). I want to make TNM better and I want to simplify my life. I want to say “sorry” less and “thank you” more.

New Year Theme: Present

Instead of making any big resolutions this year, I’m choosing a word as my theme for 2017. A word that I can set as my intention for the decisions and habits and goals I’m working on for 2017.

This year, my word is


What does that look like?

To me, PRESENT is not being on my phone when I’m with friends or family. It’s not even sitting my phone on the table when I’m out for dinner. When you sit your phone on the table, I think it says to the people you’re with that there’s someone else that’s more important than them in this moment. I want to be present when my friends tell me about the good or bad things in their life. I want to be present when my kids tell me about their school day and when my husband tells me a funny story from work.

Personally, PRESENT for me means not multi-tasking and not wasting my time on silly things when there is work to be done. Instead, I want to be focused and give my full energy to the task at hand.

PRESENT is enjoying the present instead of being anxious about the future (something I really struggle with!). I often have trouble enjoying the moment I’m in because I’m worried about something that is happening next week.

I’m sure I will come up with many more ways that PRESENT will guide me in 2017 and I am so excited to see how this year turns out. I know it will be a great one!

What are you resolutions for the new year? Do you choose a theme or intention? Tell me all about it!

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