Pregnancy Fitness in Nashville: BLOOMA (Prenatal Yoga)

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It’s time for our second Pregnancy Fitness in Nashville review! In case you missed our first review (DanceFix), let me catch you up – I (Hilarie) am currently 20 weeks pregnant and wanting to have a very healthy, safe and comfortable pregnancy. In order to keep motivated and moving throughout my second pregnancy, I decided to try several pregnancy (or pregnancy-friendly) fitness classes around Nashville, size them up and report back to you! I must say, it’s been a fun project!

blooma yoga review


My second prenatal-appropriate fitness class in Nashville is Blooma prenatal yoga. I have done some prenatal yoga at home – thanks to YouTube and Pinterest – but had never actually tried an organized class. I have to tell you an actual class is a thousand times better! I spent 60 glorious minutes surrounded by other Mommys-to-be, stretching, breathing, relaxing and preparing my body for child-birth. It was a beautiful and magical experience, but even more than that…it was the most relaxed I have felt in MONTHS.

I took a prenatal yoga class, but Blooma offers SO much more! They have Barre class (where you can wear your baby), kids yoga, BYOBaby yoga, yoga for guys, restorative yoga, childbirth education classes, workshops for parents, acupuncture, massage and MORE! BLOOMA is community of support for Moms-to-be, moms and their families! I felt so supported and comfortable in the environment they provided and I can’t wait to go back. Did I mention they offer on-site childcare for almost all of their regularly scheduled classes!? Score!

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The class was not challenging in the sense of a “tough workout” type of challenge. It took energy, concentration and muscle control for sure, but it wasn’t the same cardio challenge as say, DanceFix or a nice run. For me, it was more beneficial mentally and emotionally. In my opinion, this class is for any mom-to-be. You do not need to be a yogi, flexible or in great physical shape. This class is made to support you and your baby. The teachers are fantastic and they will do whatever they can to make it an enjoyable, peaceful and relaxing experience for you.

I had the pleasure of chatting with Jenni, the owner of Blooma Nashville – she is so kind and passionate about what they are doing at Blooma. Ultimately, heir goal is to provide a safe place to help Moms have the best possible pre and post pregnancy experience. She is a Nashville Momma too, although originally from Minneapolis. She has a heart for teaching self-care (which lord knows I need!) and talking with her felt like chatting with an old friend. We sipped hot tea (which they offer to everyone) as we sat in two comfy chairs, found all around the studio. Have I mentioned I am dying to go back?

blooma nashville yoga

If you’re interested in taking a class at Blooma Nashville, be sure to check out their websiteschedule and fees and don’t forget to tell them that The Nashville Mom sent you! Have fun and please let us know how your experience goes!

Also, don’t forget to be safe and smart when it comes to pregnancy and working out!

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