Pregnancy Fitness in Nashville: CARDIO BARRE

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It’s that time again…time for my fifth installment of pregnancy fitness in Nashville! Today, I get to tell you all about music city’s coolest barre studio and classes: Cardio Barre. In case you missed one of our previous reviews, we’ve now had the pleasure of checking out DanceFix, Blooma Nashville, CycleBar and Simply Balanced. I should be in great shape at this point, right? RIGHT?! Whether you are expecting and looking for a great local pregnancy fitness class or not expecting, you are sure to get an amazing workout from these unique barre classes.

cardio barre review Nashville

About a year ago, I actually had the pleasure of trying and reviewing Cardio Barre for The Nashville Mom. I absolutely loved their energy, their faster-than-typical-barre pace, and instructors. I knew I had to include them in my “pregnancy fitness in Nashville” reviews. Turns out that I loved the class pregnant just as much as I loved it a year ago. The instructors were very accommodating and able to offer all sorts of modifications when needed. I never once felt left behind or forgotten.

Throughout the one hour cardio barre class, we did so much! We focused on virtually every muscle group while still including plenty of cardio. Since the class is faster moving than a traditional barre class, and has some great music, you can expect to stay entertained and active. We did lots of expected ballet dance moves, like plies, relevés and arabesques. We also used light weights for our arms, did some great ab and core work on the floor and still had time to stretch…the best part! It was 100% a full body workout.

cardio barre pregnancy fitness

The Cardio Barre studio, on 8th Ave South, is clean, sunny, inviting and spacious. The staff is always so friendly and helpful. They provide the equipment (minus a towel), cubbies for your belongings and have clean nice-smelling bathrooms. (That’s always a big plus for me!) Feel free to wear whatever you would wear to a yoga or Pilates class. Think stretchy and comfortable, no shoes, but you can wear grippy socks!

The teachers are all very well trained and prepared to offer modifications for expectant moms or anyone else who may need them. Honestly, I could still do must of the moves just fine. The ab work on the floor was what needed the most modifications, but propping myself up on my elbows to keep from being flat on my back helped. The instructor also gave me a couple different ab exercises to try if anything became too intense or uncomfortable.

Cardio barre moves

Cardio Barre is a fantastic program for every fitness level, and yes, even for us expectant Moms. Their moves are designed to lengthen, tone and strengthen your muscles – who doesn’t want that? It’s a really fun class that will not only give you sore muscles, but make you come back for more. If you are interested in trying out a Cardio Barre class be sure to check out their website for schedule and payment information. Enjoy the moves and don’t forget to tell them The Nashville Mom sent you!

Also, don’t forget to be safe and smart when it comes to pregnancy and working out!

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2 Responses to Pregnancy Fitness in Nashville: CARDIO BARRE

  1. You look amazing!! Thank you for sharing this post.
    When I was pregnant I also did exercise. Of course, those exercises were easier..
    But still, I felt such a nice fatigue after that!
    And I just have to suggest wearing compression socks. They helped me a lot :)

    • Thanks so much Bessie! I have really enjoyed exercising throughout the pregnancy, just makes me feel so much better. And, thanks for the tip! I hadn’t thought of wearing compression socks!

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