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It’s time for our third Pregnancy Fitness in Nashville review! To review, we’ve now had the pleasure of checking out the latest dance-fitness craze in Nashville, DanceFix, as well as pregnancy friendly yoga studio, Blooma Nashville. I (Hilarie) am currently 21 weeks pregnant, still going strong and am so happy to have the spin experience of a lifetime at Franklin’s very own CycleBar. I must say, the further along I get the harder it is to keep motivated. Thankfully, I’ve got a few more reviews lined up to keep me motivated and moving.

 cyclebar class review

My third prenatal-appropriate fitness class in Nashville is much more cardio-focused than the last. This week, I bring you CycleBar: premium indoor cycling. I have taken a few spin classes over the years, but none have compared to the CycleBar experience. An experience is really the best way to describe it. It was so much more than just an aerobics class. We were taken on a journey, a ride, if you will. A bike ride through the hills, a race among other cyclists and an adventure carried out by epic tunes.

In 50 minutes the instructor (fantastic BTW) had us pedaling our hearts out, lifting a weighted bar for a killer arm workout, moving positions to simulate hills and sweating more than I’ve sweat in quite a while. (TIP: Be sure to book a bike in front on the right or left side in order to be near a fan! TRUST ME.) My favorite part of class was the music. Nothing gets me going in a workout class like good music. The strong beats and empowering tunes are all part of the multi-sensory journey. You are seated in a tiered theater on a state-of-the-art bike, surrounded by cool lighting that’s constantly changing with the mood and a very motivating environment.

cycle bar franklin review

Besides motivating, it’s also pretty competitive, if you want it to be. The “CycleStats” measure your performance (heart rate, calories burned, RPM, distance, etc) each ride, save them inTO your account and email them to you after each class! Not only that, but if you choose, you can have your stats shared live on the big screen during class in order to compete with the other riders. Talk about motivating!

Perhaps the most enticing part of CycleBar is not even the class itself, but the perks. I’m not gonna lie, I’m sucker for great amenities and freebies, and no one offers quality perks like CycleBar! Not only can you pick up a complimentary reusable water bottle before each class, but they also provide FREE cycling shoes, towels and lockers for each rider. PLUS, after you ride, you can pick up a nutritious snack, a shower (complete with robes, hair ties and toiletries), then grab a CycleBar Chapstick and hand sanitIzer on the way out! Score! Turns out, all that sweating was worth it!

CycleBar perks

I have tried CycleBar a few times now, the first was at the VERY beginning of my pregnancy. I can tell you that CycleBar, if approved by your doctor, is safe and effective when pregnant. Now that my stomach has gotten a little larger, the instructor has raised my handlebars a bit, so I’m not uncomfortably hunched over. I also have to take things a little slower than before so I can’t be too competitive! I’ve learned to just listen to my body. Of course, staying very hydrated and near a fan have also been extremely helpful. It’s important to know that the instructors are there for you and they want you to have a great experience, so don’t be afraid to ask questions!

If you’re interested in taking a CycleBar class, be sure to check out their websiteschedule and fees and don’t forget to tell them that the Nashville Mom sent you! Have fun and please let us know how your cycle experience goes!

Also, don’t forget to be safe and smart when it comes to pregnancy and working out!

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