Pregnancy Fitness in Nashville: SIMPLY BALANCED

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 I can’t believe that I’m not only 22 weeks, but that I’m getting to write our fourth Pregnancy Fitness in Nashville review! Over the past month, I’ve been fortunate enough to check out DanceFix at the Nashville Ballet, Prenatal Yoga at Blooma Nashville and even a party-esque spin class at CycleBar! I have genuinely loved each class thus far and am super pumped to share a new one with all the Mama-to-be’s (and everyone else) today! Today, I’d like to introduce you to Simply Balanced, a wellness center in the heart of Nashville where I took a crazy good Pilates class!

simply balanced workout review

Over the years, I’ve done various Pilates DVD’s at home and even taken a few random classes at a variety of gyms and recreation centers. However, I had NEVER used a Pilates reformer machine before taking a class at Simply Balanced! Instead of using our own weight as resistance on a mat we got to work out on a spring-loaded machine that provided resistance through different levels of tension. It was so fun! I didn’t even have to worry about feeling lost or awkward because the instructor, David, was so helpful and attentive. I never felt left behind.

In one hour, we focused on our breathing, practiced muscle control, moved with precision, worked every single muscle (or so it felt) and revitalized our bodies. David started the class by saying our focus was going to be on the “Triple A” (arms, abs and, umm, booty). The next morning, no lie, I woke up with sore arms, abs and booty! He wasn’t kidding when he said that would be our focus. What surprised me though, was that I didn’t feel like I was exhausting those muscles during class. It was a killer workout, but I felt great during and after class.

simply balanced pilates nashville

The atmosphere was relaxed and very inviting. Everyone in the class seemed to know each other and joked around while supporting one another in class. The facility itself was clean, spacious and very well stocked. I loved using all of the different equipment AND the fact that there was special equipment just for me, the pregnant girl in class. They were fully prepared for all sorts of modifications and challenges, if that’s what you choose or need.

Now, you may be wondering if a Pilates class, especially one on a reformer machine, is safe during pregnancy. I was curious too. Great news…ALL of their teachers are trained to work safely with pregnant and post-partum clients! That’s HUGE and rare. I never felt uncomfortable or concerned for my safety. They even offered a special inclined mat so that I didn’t have to lie flat on my back while doing work on the reformer.  (Always be sure to let your instructor know if you are expecting beforehand.) I spoke with another instructor who actually did Pilates throughout her entire pregnancy – she looked amazing BTW.

inclined mat for pregnant women
In the photos above you can see the inclined mat available for expectant mothers.

Simply Balanced offers more than just a reformer class too. They offer mat classes, private, duet and trio classes, too. I recommend trying a few and choosing which suits you best. They offer a variety of packages too.

If you’re interested in taking a class at Simply Balanced, be sure to check out their websiteschedule and fees and don’t forget to tell them that the Nashville Mom sent you! Have fun and please let us know how your work out experience goes!

Also, don’t forget to be safe and smart when it comes to pregnancy and working out!

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