Pregnancy Fitness in Nashville: STUDIO NOVO

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Today, I am lucky enough to bring you my sixth “Pregnancy Fitness in Nashville” review. I am also lucky enough be healthily wobbling into my third trimester. Woohoo! Okay, quick recap: So far, I’ve gotten to review DanceFix, Blooma Nashville, Cyclebar, Simply Balanced and Cardio Barre. (All of which, blew me away and left me feeling awesome, and a little sore.) Today, I get to tell you all about this crazy cool innovative workout from Nashville’s very own Studio Novo! Get ready to be blown away by one of the most unique workout experiences.

studio novo class review nashville

I’ve never tried a class exactly like what is offered at Studio Novo. The most similar type of work would be pilates, but it’s certainly not the same. It’s a transformed and more unique workout than your typical pilates class. It was created by a guy named Sebastien Lagree, who also created the machine they use…the “Megaformer”. Think, pilates reformer on steroids. There’s a bunch of science behind the workout and the machine that I won’t get into, but I’ll say this, it works!

In the 50 minute class I took, we somehow managed to do strength training, cardio, endurance, balance, core and flexibility! So, basically everything you could possibly do in a workout. The moves on the Megaformer are very slow and small. There were many moments in class were I felt as if I were barely moving, yet was completely fatigued! I think that’s the point, you work your muscles to fatigue, keep pushing and get stronger. I could not believe how hard my body was working form such small movements. The Megaformer is serious business!

studio novo, the megafromer

Studio Novo has two locations in Middle Tennessee, West Meade neighborhood in Nashville and Cool Springs area in Franklin. I got to check out the studio in West Meade. It’s a spacious one-room studio that’s well-lit, super clean, cool and lined with mirrors. You’ll need the mirrors to make sure your form is on point! Speaking of  “on point”, their music is the BEST. We worked out while jamming to some of my favorite hip-hop, rap and pop hits. PLUS, they played some of Lin-Manual Miranda’s music from the Hamilton Mix-Tape! They scored major cool points with me when that start playing.

I can’t talk about Studio Novo without mentioning their motto…Embrace the shake. Very accurate, because when you’re using every muscle in your body to move slowly with small precise movements, you will start to shake! The shake is a good thing. That’s your muscles working in overtime, so embrace it! I should also mention that out of all my fitness reviews, thus far, this is one where I would recommend expectant mothers to take the most precaution. It can be a fantastic workout for pregnant women throughout their pregnancy, but it’s not a workout you should begin after becoming pregnant. It’s one that should continue if you’ve been participating in classes previously. Certainly, not a bad idea to join now, you know, before you decided to conceive

studio novo, embrace the shake

Studio Novo far exceeded my expectations. I loved that I didn’t have to jump, sprint or burpee my way through the class, but was still able to get a phenomenal full body workout. I left knowing that I’d wake up sore the next day, but felt so energized and rejuvenated after working my body to its full potential. If you are interested in trying out a class at Studio Novo be sure to check out their website for schedule and payment information. Also, the first class is FREE, so you have nothing to lose, right? Don’t forget to tell them that the Nashville Mom sent you, and please let us know all about your experience!

Also, don’t forget to be safe and smart when it comes to pregnancy and working out!

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