The Soaring Eagle: Nashville’s Newest Attraction

the soaring eagle

We are HUGE fans of the Nashville Zoo! They are always coming up with new fun family-friendly events and my family just can’t get enough of them. We have a membership and definitely get our money’s worth! Their latest attraction is the family-friendly zip-line: the Soaring Eagle.

Here’s what every family needs to know before heading to the zoo to try it out!

-Super fun.
-Completely safe
-Two of you (yes, two of you) are seated and buckled together. This is not your average zip-line!
-Cost 8 tokens (i.e. $8)
-Reaches a whopping 110 feet in the air.
-From the top you can view giraffes, elephants, the Nashville skyline and most of the zoo in general!
-Goes backwards and forwards.
-Reaches 28 mph as you zip down to the bottom.
-Must be 42 inches to ride (47 inches to ride alone).

And, there’s more! Starting April 9th the Nashville Zoo will introduce a $50 pass to zoo members that offers unlimited rides on the carousel, the train AND the Soaring Eagle! This is available for everyone on your membership, plus your guest! This is a game changer. My toddler isn’t even tall enough to ride Soaring Eagle yet, but I am positive we will get our money’s worth from the train and carousel alone. Just imagine, no more tokens! Simply show them your card (which will verify you’ve purchased the pass) and voila! Rides all day!

the soaring eagle seats

I highly recommend trying the Soaring Eagle. I am lucky enough to have already ridden it a couple of times, and it’s a must, especially for families with older kids. However, I saw a 5-year old ride with the biggest smile on her face from beginning to end. Give it a try and be sure to let us know what you think in the comments!

The nashville zoo's soaring eagle

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