Thifted Fall Fashion with Restless Arrow


As the temperatures fall, few things bring comfort like the most comfortable pair of jeans and boots. Throw on a sweater and fall is officially here!

But those jeans, boots and sweater do not have to break the bank this year because those thrift stores around town can supply trendy fall needs and help create jobs at the same time.

The key?

Knowing what to look for when the shopping begins.


For me, I know what colors I wear most. By now, I can pretty much establish which colors will be flattering and which items of that color will hang in my closet before I turn around and donate again. Because of this, when I walk through shirts, I don’t move shirt by shirt, I just glance. Even better, some stores have clothes grouped by color! Just look in your closet to see what colors you wear the most. And one more secret: So many of us wear the same colors we decorate with all unintentionally. Look around your house and peek in your closet! I bet there will be a pattern.


Now, if I find something in the color I like, the next thing I determine is if it is actually even in style or a classic piece that would last for a while. If it is completely out of style or a quick fad that does not fit my own style, then I’ll probably pass and move on to the next aisle.


Next, I can peruse based on the texture or fabric. Just the other day, I saw a fabric sticking out that I loved in a color I liked! Sadly, it was the wrong size so I had to pass.

These tips help me every time. Not only do they allow me to stop for clothes on a strict budget, they allow me to pick up fashionable clothes that are more often than not name brand at a fraction of the cost all while giving jobs back to people in our community.


**Thanks for sharing your tips with us, Amber! Follow more thrifty finds and Amber’s story of the Yellow House over at her blog Restless Arrow

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