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A Tasty Summer Treat? You Sno It!

Bad puns aside…Before we go any further I need you to know something about me. I love sno cones.  Not like “Sno cones are cool.” More like “OH MY GOSH! A SNO CONE TRUCK!”  I consider myself a sno cone connoisseur, maybe even a little bit of a sno cone snob.  And one of the… Continue Reading

Honest Coffee Roasters

We all know that no matter the neighborhood in Nashville, you will find great (read: locally-owned, aesthetically pleasing, in-house-roasted) coffee.  In fact, you may hit several good coffee shops with just a single stone’s throw.  The coffee is one of the reasons Nashville Moms are so happy, amiright?! ;) Take a little jaunt south to Franklin, however,… Continue Reading

Nashville Brunch Spots

Brunch. Quite possibly the best meal of the day. For some reason, many will tell you that once you have kids, you can no longer go out for brunch. That just can’t be true. Kids can enjoy brunch, too! Either way you see it, we’ve got a list of some of our favorite Nashville brunch spots-… Continue Reading

Griddle Me This: The Pfunky Griddle

Now that I’m a mom, it’s a lot less weird to make animal-shaped pancakes for breakfast these days (not that I ever did that pre-baby or anything). Luckily my son, Levi, loves pancakes as much as I do, so we’ve made them somewhat of a weekend tradition in our house. Pancakes have always been the… Continue Reading

OrderUp Nashville

OrderUp just launched in Nashville this month and it may just be the answer to every mom’s prayers. You know those nights when cooking dinner just isn’t going to happen? Or maybe you just need a break? Or maybe you just don’t want to get out of your sweats but want an easy meal? Well,… Continue Reading

Mom’s Night Out

Every once in a while moms need a night out, right? We’ve taken it upon ourselves to find some of the best spots in town for moms- or just your group of girls- to head out for the night. It was pretty hard work testing all of these places… :) Things we looked for when choosing… Continue Reading

Nashville Food Co-op

You may have seen us mention the Nashville Food Co-op in the past week on our Facebook page. We finally got to meet up with some of the brains behind the operation and we are really SO excited about this idea. We got to ask them the burning questions (like what in the world is… Continue Reading

Biscuit Love Brunch

Brunch is the most important meal of the day… Or something like that. If you haven’t been able to check out Biscuit Love Brunch’s new spot, you must RUN- not walk- there right now! Biscuit Love Brunch offers a delicious menu and there is a kids’ menu, too. It’s more than just biscuits, we promise!… Continue Reading

Shop Local: Firepot Chai

Next up on our gift guide features is Firepot Chai. I really love this option because it is so much more than a material gift. A cup of tea is relaxation. And a cup of Firepot Chai tea is even better. Firepot Chai gifts back to the areas where their tea grows for wildlife preservation. Their… Continue Reading

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