What We Read: End of Year Edition

It is a rare occasion that I am able to sit and dive into a book, but when I can leave the dishes piled up or when the laundry can wait a little longer, I love getting caught up in a good book! Here are a few of our favorites from this year!

One of my dearest friends sent me a copy of Treasuring Christ When Your Hands Are Full and it was such an encouraging read! Motherhood is one of my greatest joys but there are days when it is downright HARD! This book was full of inspiration and truth! It was a quick read and one that I often skim back over when my Momma heart needs a little support!

I recently picked up A Simplified Life and have found the practical steps at simplifying many areas of life to be just what I needed! Our home, schedules and closets tend to be full to the brim! This book guides you through making choices to clean out and focus on the things you really need!

My favorite beach read this year was One True Loves I could not put it down!! The main character, Emma’s husband is presumed dead and as she goes on with her life, she finds a new love…cue her husband’s (who is not dead) return! Emma must search her heart to decide who is her one true love! Such a good one!!

All the heart eyes for Melanie Shankle and all of her books!! Seriously, I have loved every single one of them!! Sparkly Green Earrings was her first book that focuses on motherhood! Truly this book had me laughing out loud, crying and feeling like I was sitting across from my best friend at coffee! Grab a pair of green earrings and this book-wrap up and give to all your Mommy friends!! Go ahead and add the rest to your cart because you’ll fly through them! The Antelope in the Room focuses on marriage, Nobody’s Cuter Than You is about friendship and her most recent, Church of the Small Things will bring your focus on to what really matters! Melanie is also a big time blogger and you can read her blog here.

If you’re the type who enjoys a page turning thriller, check out The Couple Next Door! Anne and Marco seem to have the perfect family but when their baby girl goes missing, it all comes crashing down! Another one that kept me up way past my bedtime reading!! I was guessing until the very end!

I read Wonder several years ago when I was teaching, however we recently purchased the Audiobook version and have been listening in the car with the kids. The story walks you through different perspectives of Auggie Pullman’s life! August Pullman has a facial difference that has prevented him from attending school until now. You will hear from August’s perspective as well as those of his family and friends. This book encourages compassion, empathy and kindness! I’m always telling my children to “be kind” and Wonder has given us many opportunities to discuss what it means to be accepting of others’ differences. I will say that the book is geared towards older elementary/middle school ages and up.

Finding Winnie is the sweetest true story of how a soldier found the real Winnie the Pooh! Everyone in our family loves this book but make sure you have your tissues close by!

I Had A Favorite Dress reminds me of the story of my life-how quickly my children outgrow their clothes! I Had A Favorite Dress is my daughter’s current favorite read. The story takes you through the stages of how a girl turns her beloved dress into many other objects when it becomes too small! Love the illustrations in this one too!

What are your favorite reads from this year? What do I need to read next or should add to my children’s book shelf?


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